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1. I have had my burglar alarm for years, why do I have to get a permit now?
2. Do I have to renew this permit and pay another $25?
3. The permit letter says that if I also have a monitored fire alarm with my burglar alarm, I need to show proof and the fee will be waived. What is a monitored fire alarm and what do I need to do?
4. The $25 fee seems like just another way for the City to make money. What is it for?
5. The permit asks me to sign my name that I agree to the Lansing Alarm Ordinance. I have not seen it, so why should I sign?
6. What if I have a question or dispute over an alarm, who do I go to?
7. I moved into a new house and it has a burglar alarm system. The owner stated he already has a permit. Is that permit valid for me?
8. What happens if I refuse to get a permit or refuse to comply with other sections of the Alarm Ordinance?
9. Who can I go to for help?
10. What is the best advice if you are considering an alarm?
11. What is the difference between a permit fee and false alarm fee?
12. Why are alarms in one calendar year held against me in the next calendar year?
13. What can I do to prevent false alarms?
14. How much are false alarm fee's?