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1. Why wasn't my trash picked up?
2. How do I get rid of household hazardous waste?
3. What should I do with my CFL light bulbs?
4. Does the City pick up Christmas trees?
5. How can I learn about composting?
6. Can I have a backyard compost pile in the City of Lansing?
7. Where can I get an affordable compost bin?
8. What if I have excess materials that will not fit in my recycling cart?
9. Where can I take my plastic bags that I get from grocery stores?
10. I am moving. What do I do with my recycling cart?
11. What can I put in my recycling cart? How do I get a recycling cart?
12. I change the oil in my personal vehicles. Where can I take my used oil for recycling?
13. My neighbor has left their trash or recycling at the curbside for an extended period of time. How do I report this?