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1. What is the Basement Backup Protection Program?
2. Who is eligible for the program?
3. What is the cost to the homeowner?
4. What device can be installed to fix the problem?
5. Am I responsible for maintaining the device?
6. What happens if I get another backup after a device was installed?
7. If tree roots and/or a damaged pipe is causing the basement backup, will a backwater valve solve my problem?
8. Are there insurance options to provide additional protection against backups?
9. Is the program available for rental properties?
10. Isn’t the City’s CSO project supposed to address wet weather sewer issues?
11. Will this program help me if my basement gets wet due to water seeping through the walls and windows?
12. If I am on the waiting list, how long before my problem is fixed?
13. How do I participate in the B2P2?
14. Who performs the work for the B2P2?
15. Can a homeowner perform the work?
16. Where can I find more information on the B2P2?