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1. My toilet is backing up and there is sewage in the basement. Who do I contact to find out what is wrong?
2. I have a general question about my sewer. Who do I ask?
3. What are the rates for connecting to the City of Lansing sewer system?
4. I have a business and use water in production. I discharge this water to the sanitary sewer. Do I need a discharge permit for this?
5. I noticed a sharp increase in my sewer bill this month over previous months with similar water usage. Why is this so much? What is the rate? Why wasn't I notified?
6. I noticed a discharge of clear water from a home to the curb. Is this an acceptable discharge and discharge location? Shouldn't this go directly to the sewer?
7. I have a separate meter for watering my lawn and garden. Why am I being charged sewer I&I for this water? I thought this was going to be a reduced charge because it doesn't discharge to the sewer.
8. I live near the Wastewater Plant. Lately I have noticed a foul odor coming from the plant. Isn't there something that can be done to control the odors from the plant?
9. Can I dump my Recreation Vehicle (RV) sanitary waste at the Wastewater Treatment Plant?
10. What is all the noise coming from the Wastewater Treatment Plant?
11. Do qualify for a credit on my sewer bill?
12. Can I get a sewer credit for filling a pool?
13. Why does it cost more for sewer services than water?
14. What can I pour down my drain? Oil/grease, paint etc.?
15. The cover to a catch basin/manhole is missing. Who do I call to investigate the issue?
16. A hole has opened up in a the street. Who do I call to have it looked at?
17. There is a strong sewer or rotten egg smell in or around my house. Who do I contact to take care of the issue?
18. My neighbor has a pipe that discharges water onto the sidewalk. When it's cold it freezes on the sidewalk causing a hazard. Who can I call to report the issue?
19. A city tree is causing my sewer to back up due to the tree's roots. What can be done to fix the issue?
20. The manhole cover has blown off and there is water bubbling out onto the ground. Who do I call to report the issue?
21. How do I apply for a Low Income Sewer Utility Credit?
22. The catch basin in the street is not draining. Who do I call to fix the problem?
23. My sewer is broken inside the City's right of way and in the street. It needs to be dug up and repaired. Why is it the property owner's responsibility to make the repair at their expense?