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1. Is my business or my employee located in Lansing?
2. Is my business required to withhold for Lansing?
3. How do I register to become a withholding employer for Lansing?
4. Will I receive an account number for Lansing?
5. Should I send LW-4 forms to the City of Lansing?
6. My company contracts with a payroll provider. Does Lansing still need forms from the withholding company?
7. Who should the check be made payable to?
8. Where to send withholding payments?
9. When are withholding deposits due?
10. Withholding Overpayments
11. I forgot to send the L941 voucher along with my payment.
12. Should zero L941 vouchers be submitted if there is no withholding deposit?
13. Should I submit a zero annual LW-3 reconciliation at the end of the year?
14. Where do I send correspondence?
15. How do I request forms or notify Lansing of any status change with the company?