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Neighborhood Watch Participation

  1. Are you Interested in Becoming Involved with your Neighborhood Watch?

  2. What is Neighborhood Watch?

    This is an organized effort by concerned citizens to prevent crime and improve the quality of life in their neighborhood. In cooperation with the police department, neighbors work to safeguard each other’s homes and reduce the risk of crime in their community.

  3. How Neighborhood Watch is Organized:

    Generally a watch group consists of a coordinator, block captains, and watch members, but your Watch will be customized to meet the needs of your area. The Coordinator is the liaison between your neighborhood and the police department. The Coordinator also is responsible for sharing information with the Block Captains. Block Captains communicate with the Watch Members who live on their blocks. Watch Members are the eyes and ears of Neighborhood Watch. Success of Neighborhood Watch depends on neighbors who are alert and who communicate with each other.

  4. If interested, please contact the Coordinator of the new watch at the listed below:

  5. or return forms to:

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  8. For additional information, please contact the Lansing Police Department Community Service Unit at 517-483-6812 or via e-mail @ Visit us at or on Facebook @Lansingpoliceneigborhoodwatch

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