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Community Meeting Request Form

  1. The Lansing Police Department Community Services Unit strives to accommodate requests made by Community members for Officers to attend community meetings. In order for the Community Services Unit to be more efficient in attending meetings throughout the city, all requests shall be made electronically, via online. This process will allow for officers to better prepare for your meeting and provide more detailed information regarding community concerns. Please click on the link below to submit a request. Requests made online will be honored first.

  2. (Please note: In order to better serve the citizens of Lansing, multiple/consecutive requests to attend meetings may be denied if another request is made for a meeting the CSU has not attended previously)

    Thank you for your patience and support with this new process. The LPDCSU looks forward to attending your meetings in 2020!

  3. Please Note:

    Requests must be made at least two weeks prior to your meeting unless an emergency meeting is requested due to serious concerns to public safety.

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  6. Contact the LPDCSU at (517) 483-6844 with any questions or concerns.

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