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Police Department

  1. Business Watch Registration Form
  2. City of Lansing Public Safety Youth Leadership Academy Application

    Users can apply for Lansing's Youth Leadership Academy here.

  3. Neighborhood Watch Inquiry

    This is a form to receive additional information regarding the Neighborhood Watch Program.

  4. Report a Neighborhood Problem
  5. Volunteer Application

    An application to be filled out in order to become a volunteer. Includes a background check section.

  1. Camera Registry Form (SCRAM)

    The Security Camera Registry and Mapping (SCRAM) program is being utilized by the Lansing Police Department to help create a firm... More…

  2. FOIA Request

    Complete this form to request a police report from the Lansing Police Department.

  3. Neighborhood Watch Participation

    This is the Volunteer Form with the Police Department

  4. Vacation House Check

    Complete this form if you would like a Lansing Police Department Officer to check your residence or property while you are away for a... More…