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Photo Contest Form

  1. City of Lansing Photo Contest

    The City of Lansing 2020 Photo Contest is a city-wide photo contest where participants can submit their best summer themed photos and enter to be featured on City of Lansing social media outlets and the Lansing Living Summer 2020 publication. Winner of the Photo Contest will receive City of Lansing branded merchandise as a prize!

  2. How Does the Photo Contest Work?

    Residents interested in participating in the 2020 Photo Contest will have two weeks from Monday, February 3rd to Friday, February 14th to submit their entry photo here. Submissions must identify the location of the photo in Lansing. Photos will then be posted on the City of Lansing’s Facebook page and residents will have one week from February 17th to February 21st to vote for their favorite photos by “liking” the photo. The photo with the most votes will receive City of Lansing branded merchandise as a prize. All photos entered will have a chance to be featured in upcoming City of Lansing social media posts, as well as the Summer 2020 issue of Lansing Living Magazine.

  3. Please describe the location and any relevant details that pertain to your photo.

  4. Photo Release Consent*

    I acknowledge that by submitting my photo for the 2020 City of Lansing Photo Contest, I consent to allowing the City of Lansing to use my photo for media use.

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