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Application for License to Sell Ice Cream Products or Confections


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  • Step One

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    2. Contact us

      If you desire assistance or have questions about this form, you can email us at, call us at (517) 483-4133, or visit us in the City Clerk's office, located on the 9th floor of City Hall (124 W Michigan Avenue, Lansing, MI 48933).

    3. Instructions

      Complete and print this form. DO NOT sign this form unless you are with a notary public. This form can be notarized at the City Clerk's office. Bring this printed form and the materials listed below to the City Clerk's office to complete the application process.

    4. Materials

      (1) Photo, (2) completed Criminal History Conviction Record Check Authorization Form for each employee, (3) the list of employees and vehicles, (4) fee payment, and (5) a copy of your insurance policy.

    5. Photo Identification

      The applicant must supply a photograph of him or herself, taken within 60 days immediately prior to the date of the filing of the application. The pictures must be two inches by two inches, showing the head and shoulders of the applicant in a clear and distinguishing manner. Pictures can be taken at the City Clerk's office for an additional fee, or emailed to with the subject line "[your full name] APPLICATION PHOTO".

    6. Fees

      $15 per Vehicle for 6 Month License; $25 per Vehicle for 12 Month License. $25 per Agent / Employee of the company for background check as per LCO 844.22

    7. Length of time for which the right to do business is desired*