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Application for Appointment to Board or Commission

  1. Thank you for your interest in serving on a Lansing Board, Commission or Committee.

  2. Certain boards, commissions or committees require appointees to be a registered elector in the City of Lansing (Charter Section 2-102) and be a resident of Lansing for one year prior to taking office (Charter Section 2-102).

  3. Appointees to every board, commission or committee must not be in default to the City at the time of taking office (Charter Section 2-103.2) and not have been convicted, within 20 years of taking office, of a violation of the election laws of the City of Lansing, State of Michigan, or the United States; a violation of public trust; or any felony (Charter Section 2-103.1).

  4. Lansing City Charter, Section 5-104, Ineligibility For Boards, restricts certain City employee activities on some boards: "No person holding another City office or activity employed by the City shall be eligible to be a voting member on any board."

  5. Please use "0000" if you live outside of the City of Lansing

  6. Background Check Authorization*

    This certification is not required, but may impact potential consideration of the appointment being sought. I authorize the use of the information provided above to conduct a background search, including but not limited to criminal history, residency, and indebtedness to the City of Lansing. If selected to serve, I further authorize additional background checks during the term of my service to ensure the required criteria continue to be met. I also acknowledge that I have the affirmative duty to inform the City if I become aware of any change or condition in my status that fails to meet the required criteria.

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