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Boards & Commissions

  1. Application for Appointment to Board or Commission

    Thank you for your interest in serving on a Lansing Board, Commission or committee. The Lansing City Charter requires that every... More…

  1. Pave the Way Sponsorship Form

    Support the Pave the Way Historical Project Celebration

Contact Forms

  1. Contact Us

    Tell us what you think about our web site, our products, our organization, or anything else that comes to mind. We welcome all of your... More…

Development Office

  1. Application Form for Housing Rehabilitation

    Please note: If your mortgage payments, property taxes, and homeowner's insurance payments have not been paid on time for the past... More…

  2. Lead Safe Lansing Application Request

    Lead Safe Lansing 3 Application Request

  1. Development Office Housing Program Application

    In order to apply for a Housing Program Application with the Development Office, the form below must be filled out.

  2. Lead Safe Lansing Application Request

    Lead Safe Lansing 3 Application Request

Fire Department

  1. Fire Department Event Request Form

    Invite the Lansing Fire Department to an event.

Human Relations & Community Services

  1. Human Rights Initial Inquiry Form

    Please fill out this for to the best of your ability. A Staff member will contact you to discuss your concern and schedule an informal... More…

  1. Tenant Complaint In-Take Form

    If you are a renter who is experiencing a problem with your landlord that you have not been able to resolve and would like to consult... More…

Lansing Living

  1. Lansing Living Advertisement Request

    Lansing Living places your brand and message alongside articles of importance for members of the community that are conscious of their... More…

  2. Photo Contest Form

    The City of Lansing 2020 Photo Contest is a city-wide photo contest where participants can submit their best summer themed photos and... More…

  1. Lansing Living Feedback

Mayor's Office

  1. Contact Us

    Thanks for visiting my website! I will appreciate hearing your comments and insights. Please use the form below to send me a message.... More…

  2. Meeting with Mayor Request

    Request a meeting with Mayor of Lansing.

  3. Request a Greeting from the Mayor
  4. Web and Graphic Request Form

    Please fill out this form to submit graphic and website edit requests.

  1. Mayor Event Request

    Invite Mayor of Lansing to an event.

  2. MRJEA Work Group Form
  3. Request a Proclamation or a Certificate from the Mayor

    A proclamation recognizes, celebrates, and honors local events, organizations, or individuals. Proclamations for individuals or... More…

Neighborhood News

  1. Neighborhood News Content Submission

    Submit your content for the weekly Neighborhood News Email.


  1. Resident Small Clean-Up Resources Request Form

    Neighbors can also call to give us this information as well. They can contact our department admin ( More…

Parking Services

  1. Parking Permit Application

    The parking permit application is your first step in setting up a permit for monthly parking at a lot of your choosing.

  2. Value In Parking (VIP) Card Application

    The VIP card provides a discounted rate of 30% to the regular rate of $1/30 minutes for those parking in listed locations.

  1. Permit Parking Agreement

    In order to receive a parking permit for a specific lot, the following agreement form must be read and signed first.

Parks & Recreation Forms

  1. 4th of July Parade Participant Application

    Help us celebrate this 4th of July! Join us in the parade around the Capitol Loop! The Parade kicks off at 11am on the 3rd of July and... More…

Planning & Neighborhood Development

  1. Neighborhood News

    The Neighborhood News email list has hundreds of members and the information distributed is designed to be quickly cut and pasted into... More…

Police Department

  1. Business Watch Registration Form
  2. City of Lansing Public Safety Youth Leadership Academy Application

    Users can apply for Lansing's Youth Leadership Academy here.

  3. Community Meeting Request Form

    Request Lansing Police Officers to attend community meetings.

  4. Employee Commendation Form

    The Lansing Police Department is proud of its employees. It's very rewarding to everyone in the department to know that people... More…

  5. GREAT Sportsmobile Request

    Request the GREAT Sportsmobile to come to your event

  6. Lansing Police Department Explorer Post #911 Application

    Lansing Police Department Explorer Post #911 Application for Membership

  7. Neighborhood Watch Participation

    This is the Volunteer Form with the Police Department

  8. Radar Trailer Request Form

    Please fill out this form to request police enforcement such as placement of a radar trailer in your area to calm traffic.

  9. Request for Canine Demonstration

    Request for Canine Demonstration

  1. Camera Registry Form (SCRAM)

    The Security Camera Registry and Mapping (SCRAM) program is being utilized by the Lansing Police Department to help create a firm... More…

  2. Civilian Response to Active violence in Places of Worship Registration Form

    Free active shooter training for your house of worship presented by Sgt. Kevin Schlagel, Lansing Police Department S.T.A.R.T.... More…

  3. Contact A Recruiter

    submit any questions about job postings within the Lansing Police Department

  4. FOIA Request

    Complete this form to request a police report from the Lansing Police Department.

  5. LANSING POLICE DEPARTMENT Citizens' Police Academy Application

    Application for the Lansing Police Department Citizens' Police Academy (4 Pages) Created January, 2019

  6. LPD Volunteer Application

    An application to be filled out in order to become a volunteer. Includes a background check section.

  7. Neighborhood Watch Program

    This is a form to receive additional information regarding the Neighborhood Watch Program.

  8. Report a Neighborhood Problem
  9. Vacation House Check

    Complete this form if you would like a Lansing Police Department Officer to check your residence or property while you are away for a... More…

Public Service

  1. Bulk Collection Request Form

    Please fill out this form to request bulk collection or if you qualify for low income bulk collection and would like to receive one... More…

  2. Climate Action Plan Public Input Form

    Please use this form to submit input and feedback regarding the City of Lansing's Climate Action Plan.

  3. Communications Request Form

    Please fill this form out with all of the necessary information for the communications-related document that you need created, revised... More…

  4. Name City of Lansing Snow Plows

    Submit your name suggestions for the City of Lansing snow plows. Please read the guidelines below before submitting your name... More…

  5. One-Way to Two-Way Street Conversion Project Email List

    Please fill out this form if you would like to receive updates and information regarding the planned one-way to two-way street... More…

  6. Swish the Fish Mascot Appearance Form

    Rent Swish the Fish the mascot! For $75, you can have Swish the Fish appear at your event for an hour.

  7. Vote on City of Lansing Plow Truck Names

    Please select your top 5 favorite names for City of Lansing snow plow trucks. Voting ends on Monday, March 22. NOTE: The following... More…

  1. CART Sign-Up Form

    Sign-up for Capital Area Recycling and Trash services here.

  2. Comment Form

    Have a comment, concern or suggestion? Let us know in the form below.

  3. Information Form for Traffic Calming Request

    Please fill out this form if you are requesting traffic calming. This form must be completed in addition to the petition in order to be... More…

  4. One-Way to Two-Way Street Conversion Comment Form

    Please submit any comments, questions or concerns regarding the upcoming one-way to two-way street conversion here. Please provide... More…

  5. Public Service Employee Recognition Form

    Please fill out this form to nominate yourself or someone else from the Public Service Department for employee recognition. Employees... More…

  6. Traffic Advisory Request Form

    Please fill this form out if you have a traffic advisory that needs to go out on the Public Service Department's social media pages.... More…


  1. FAQ Form

    Submit your questions