Why are Lansing's streets in such bad condition?

Lansing’s street network has been underfunded for years, which in short answers the question. The effect of the long-term lack of funding is why our system is in such poor condition. In order to address the current condition of the system, annual funding needs to be over $25 million. The actual funding for street repair needs has averaged less than $4 million per year as shown on the following graph:


As the lack of funding of our streets continues, the cost to fix our street network continues to increase rapidly; growing from $100M in 2006 to $211M in 2016. 


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1. Lansing's streets seem horrible – so, how bad are they actually?
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4. Why are Lansing's streets in such bad condition?
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6. How large is the annual funding shortfall for streets and what is being done to address it?
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