What causes streets to deteriorate?
After a street is newly reconstructed it has a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years. This life expectancy can be extended, however, by performing preventive maintenance. Factors that contribute to pavement deterioration include: aging, freeze-thaw cycles, truck traffic and insufficient preventive maintenance.

Freeze-thaw cycles happen when moisture enters tiny cracks in the pavement and then freezes. As the moisture freezes, it expands and further opens the cracks. As this process continues, eventually a pothole forms. This process is further explained in the graphic below:


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1. Lansing's streets seem horrible. How bad are they?
2. What causes streets to deteriorate?
3. What can be done to extend the life of pavement and prevent streets from deteriorating so quickly?
4. Why are Lansing's streets in such bad condition?
5. What are the sources of funding for improving Lansing's streets?
6. How large is the annual funding shortfall for streets and what is being done to address it?
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