1. Board of Water & Light Bill

    Register with eServices and pay your Board of Water and Light bill.

  2. Criminal & Traffic Tickets

    You may pay fines and fees online, by credit card, cash, and by check.

  3. False Alarm Fee

    Access the payment portal for false alarm fees.

  4. Income Tax Payments

    Find out how to make payments online, over the phone and in person.

  5. Online Court Payments

    Access the 54-A District Court online payments portal.

  6. Parking Tickets Online

    Pay your parking tickets using our online service.

  7. Property Tax Payments

    Find out when taxes are due, when the bills are issued and how long payments are accepted.

  8. Real Estate Tax Payments

    Michigan law provides that, any real estate tax payment not received by February 28 following the year in which the taxes are due, become delinquent.

  9. Recycling & Trash Payments

    Find out how to make utility payments to the City of Lansing online.