Farmer's Club

The Farmer's Club - charming report on an event held October 8, 1908 at the Dodge Mansion by Mrs. Tanswell, Club Secretary

Farmer's Club

October 1908
Another red letter day has passed into the history of the Ingham County Farmer's Club, and those who availed themselves of the opportunity of attending the meeting held Saturday, October 10, 1908 with Hon. And Mrs. F.L. Dodge of North Lansing will always be glad that they were.

It was a beautiful October day and all nature seemed to rejoice and be glad and give a sense of relief and quiet to those, who for a few hours, had left work and worry behind. The trees had partly lost their leaves and the many hued autumnal tints spoke of work well done, and the beautiful Grand was as quiet and peaceful as everything else. It surely is an ideal location for a home and good judgment was shown when this was selected in the wilderness and Mr. and Mrs. Turner erected the first frame house, where now the modern dwelling, remodeled in the 20th century, stands, and Mrs. Turner still lives to enjoy the home and surroundings. Of the original farm of 60 acres, 12 are retained to make the spacious grounds, and as one went out to the point and looked up and down the river and saw the busy city with its many manufacturing interests then turned and looked at the forest primeval, no wonder one of the company said "o need to go far from home to see fine scenery."

The Mason members went on the 12:18 train most of them going directly to the place of meeting and after being warmly welcomed by Mrs. Dodge and daughter and given the liberty of the place and surroundings, each felt at home. A few went to the sugar factory, others to the Blind School, and still others just visited, and wandering around visited the ponies and the puppies.

Everything was in readiness for the contents of the baskets and volunteer committee helped to get things ready for the table, and just at the commencement of twilight the large company were seated and Mrs. Dodge, with able corps of assistants, attended to all the wants of the inner man, and probably some were no more comfortable afterwards than before. Our host welcomed all in a few well chosen words and after no one could eat more, each one took his chair and repaired to the third story where all were comfortably seated in one room.

A. O. Bement warmly welcomed the members of the club, saying the cheer, the good fellowship and the influence for good will last long after the founders have passed away.

This was ably responded to by Rev. Ellett, and our old friend Gower assisted Pres. Ives as starter, with ex-Mayer Joe Warner as timer. All went merry with joke and laughter and common sense. Judge C. P. Black was given the subject. "What I know about farming, the farmer, "and Rev. Ward, "Some observations on farm gaits, not omitting the gate of the electric car between Mason and Lansing." Mrs. Black gave another solo and responded to an encore and Judge Weist and told some things he knew of the hydraulic ram. Mrs. Hildreth pleasingly recited "Christmas Baby" by Will Carleton, and responded to an encore by reading from Ben King, "If I Should Die Tonight."

Judge Ostrander s subject was "Fishing in the Grand fifty years ago," and, in part, said it was very fitting this meeting should be held here, one of the first homes in the city, and this house never sheltered anything but kind hearts, and the roof was raised a little higher only for the purpose of sheltering more heads. Judge O. came to Lansing 50 years ago, when it was still under township rule and the assessed valuation was $3,000,000. Last year, exclusive of the city of Lansing, the assessed valuation was $15,000,000, and that the non-taxable property had increased more than the taxable.

Joe Warner came to Lansing in 1850 and gave in his own peculiar style a brief biography of his early life.

After singing one verse of "God be With You Till we Meet Again, " the club adjourned, feeling Mr. Dodge and family were royal entertainers.

The next meeting will be held at Cloverdale farm with Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Rowe, the second Saturday of November. The special committee appointed at the last meeting is preparing a program, and a chicken pie dinner will Be served. Remember the day and date plan to be there.

Mrs. Tanswell, Cor.Sec'y.