Jobs in Lansing

The City of Lansing's thriving economy produces an increasing number of employment opportunities for residents. Jobs are almost always available in the capital region's major industries of government, education, manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. Significant employers to the area include: Michigan State University, Sparrow Health System, State Government, and General Motors.

Thanks to a comprehensive network of city roadways, getting to your job is easy! A typical commute between home and work averages just 20 minutes.

Cool Cities

Lansing is a "cool city"! Launched under Jennifer Granholm, the Cool Cities Program creates new job openings in Lansing through specialty projects designed to foster community and Economic Development.

Prima Civitas Foundation (PCF)

Established in 2006, the Prima Civitas Foundation is a nonprofit organization working to ensure the reemergence of a Michigan powerhouse economy. Created by Michigan State University in cooperation with Lansing and East Lansing, PCF activities are aimed at diversifying Mid-Michigan's economy and promoting job growth. PCF supports the expansion of industries such as next generation transportation, alternative energy, biomass, healthcare, advanced manufacturing, and homeland security. PCF's website provides no-cost assistance to researchers, current or prospective business owners, and Michigan residents who would like help with commercializing a product and workforce training.