Bids & Proposals

The City of Lansing participates in the Michigan Inter-governmental Trade Network (MITN). The City of Lansing posts our request for bids, request for proposals, addendums and results on the MITN system. In addition, the MITN system allows vendors to register once online for with the City of Lansing and all the participating agencies in the MITN system.

Current Projects

To see current projects for the City go to the MITN website. It is recommended that vendors register to receive automatic electronic notification of projects.

Required Information

Included in the solicitation will be the necessary information on how to return your bid or proposal response. Information provided below lists bid submission requirements. If you chose to bid on a city project you will be required to fulfill the specifications included within the bid document.

Construction projects valued at more than $15,000 are subject to the payment of prevailing wage according to the provisions of the Davis-Bacon Act.

Please note the City does not accept fax bids for projects greater than $15,000.


Bids are subject to the Local Preference Ordinance and any Executive Order in effect. 

To contact a member of the Purchasing staff, please call or send an email message.