The City of Lansing (COL) Purchasing Office procures goods and services (PDF) needed by the various City of Lansing departments and their employees. Our primary objective is to purchase the goods and services the departments need to serve the citizens at the best value. The COL Purchasing Office strives to make decisions in the City's and citizens' best interests using sound, prudent and consistent purchasing practices.

Local Preference Ordinance

The City of Lansing in partnership with the business community recognizes the need to facilitate economic development in our community. As part of the economic growth strategy, the City, through its Local Preference Ordinance (PDF), provides opportunities for Lansing-based businesses to become part of the City's purchasing process. 

Highlights of the Ordinance include: 
  • Purchases greater than $1,000 must have one Lansing based business quote whenever available.
  • Purchases greater than $15,000 will allow the Lansing based business within 5% of the low bid, all other things equal, a chance to match the low bid and receive the contract.
  • Construction contracts greater than $500,000 are exempt from the Local Preference Ordinance.

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