The training division is a component of the Operations branch of the Lansing Fire Department. This division is tasked with facilitating quality assurance through education and training of Lansing Fire Department personnel. The multifaceted duties of the training division include:
  • Community Training
  • Continuing Education Training
  • Professional Development and Promotional Preparedness
  • Recruit Training
  • Specialty Disciplines Training

Recruit Training

The Lansing Fire Department takes pride in the career preparation provided to recruits at onset of their employment. During the recruit training period, all individuals must successfully obtain Michigan Bureau of Fire Services requirements for professional firefighters and the Michigan Bureau of Professional Licensing for emergency medical service professionals at the basic emergency medical technician or paramedic level. Recruits also receive training in the specialty discipline areas of confined space, hazardous materials, water rescue, extrication, and technical rescue

Continuing Education Training

Training is an on-going endeavor for the duration of a firefighter’s career. EMS licenses require continuing education credits and renewal every 3 years. Firefighting continuing education ensures maintenance of skill proficiency and provides skill development for changing technologies and hazards. The Training Division constructs and facilitates a comprehensive annual training plan that incorporates classroom, e-learning, hands-on training, and full scale exercise learning platforms.

Professional Development & Promotional Preparedness

The Lansing Fire Department strives to prepare all personnel for promotional advancement. Pump Apparatus and Aerial Driver Operator training and certification are provided to qualify personnel for their first promotional achievement. Fire Officer Courses are also provided in compliance with Michigan Firefighter Training Council curriculum to help personnel qualify for officer promotions. Additionally, on-going professional development training on various topics occurs throughout the year for personnel of all ranks.

Specialty Disciplines Training

The Lansing Fire Department houses various special response teams and equipment. Annually all LFD personnel receive training on open water, swift water, and ice water rescue in addition to vehicle extrication, confined space, and hazardous materials training. Additionally, specialized response teams exist for hazardous materials and technical rescue. The high level of training necessary for members of these teams occurs throughout the year in partnership with our Metro Fire Departments and outside agencies.

Community Training

The Lansing Fire Department believes in supporting the community they serve. The training division provides CPR and first aid training to other city departments and businesses in addition to working to meet other community requests such as providing emergency response education to persons with disabilities.