Recreational Burning

On summer evenings, a backyard campfire is the perfect gathering spot for family and friends. Spending an evening by a crackling fire under a starry sky is one of the pleasures of summer. In the City of Lansing having a campfire in your backyard requires a Burn Permit. The city of Lansing’s Codified Ordinance (Open Burning and Recreational Fires Sec 307) defines the type of fire pit permitted, location, and size of fuel product used.

Burn Permits

You can purchase a burn permit from the Lansing fire Department at 316 N Capitol Suite C-1, starting 3/22/2016. The annual permit cost is $50. With a permit the home owner can have open burning and or recreational fires on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and or holidays from 5 p.m. till midnight. A valid permit allows the home owner to burn on the listed days until March 31, 2017.

If the home owner fails to obtain a valid permit or disregards the Open Burning and Recreational Fires Sec 307 ordinance they could be subject to a $150 civil infraction ticket and or termination of permit. Please be aware that wind and weather condition could cause your recreational fire to be unpleasant to others. If this is the case the Fire Department could ask you to put your fire out.

The Lansing Fire Departments Fire Marshal’s office reserve the right to revoke all burn permits if conditions warrant such an act. The Burn permit affidavit as well as the Open Burning and Recreational Fires Sec 307 ordinance can be found online.

Burn permits must be submitted in person to:

Lansing Fire Marshal Division
316 N Capital Avenue
Suite C-1
Lansing, MI 48933