In Michigan, every fourth fire is reported as an arson or suspicious blaze. The Fire Marshal Division of the Michigan Department of State Police reported 2,912 incendiary fires in 2006. Additionally, 7,809 suspicious fires were reported during that same year. Arson and suspicious blazes cost Michigan citizens a staggering $221 million in 2006. These loss figures do not include indirect costs such as medical care, funeral expense, temporary shelter, business interruption, demolition, fire investigation, prosecution, court proceedings, incarcerations, and increased insurance premiums.

Arson results in deaths and injuries. In 2006, 37 people died in arson and suspicious fires. Another 82 individuals were injured in such blazes.

Michigan Arson Prevention Committee 2006 Statistics

The Fire Marshal's Office feels that Arson is a crime that affects the entire City of Lansing. The Arson Unit works with law enforcement agencies, in the investigation of criminals responsible for explosive and arson related crimes. Investigator then work with prosecutors during the criminal proceedings.

Help Your Community!

If you have any information about Arson, you are asked to call us at 517-483-4087 or email the Fire Marshal.

There is a reward of up to $5,000 for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of anyone on arson charges. Call "Arson Control" at 800-44-ARSON Toll Free.