ICE Your Phone

Your Phone as a Form of ID

Could you get hurt and not be able to tell someone information? The answer is yes. We often have forms of ID on us. People often walk the dog, go for extended bike rides or jog without ID on them. Surprising how often we grab our phone. On our hip or in the bike bag many people make sure they have it before heading out the door. Will LFD still treat you without ID if you are unconscious? Of course. The big issue is once we get you to a hospital. Wouldn't someone want to know if you are seriously injured? What if surgical or long term decisions needed to be made?

Your Phone Contacts

Think of the list of contact numbers in your phone. Would some of those people panic if called? Are some of the names casual contacts? Most people could pick just a few names of people they would want contacted. People that would know just what to do and who else should know. Those are the numbers we should know about. How?

Choose Who To Contact In Case of an Emergency

Create an ICE contact list:
  • Enter ICE in the name portion of your contacts.
  • Enter the number(s) of a person or two that you would want to get called.
  • Get your family members to do the same.