Resources for Parents

Students with a college savings account are four times more likely to finish college than students without college savings.  With college tuition rising at alarming rates, it's critical for families to start thinking about and saving for college early.  Investing in students and educating them about their college savings account from an early age will prepare them to know college is attainable.

Setting weekly, monthly, or yearly goals to save for college quickly adds up over time. Small contributions, even $20 a month, can help offset the cost of books, tuition, and more. Saving just $20 per month from the time a child starts kindergarten to the time a students graduates high school, amounts to $3,120.

Ways to Save/Make Deposits

How Students Can Save

  • Household chores
    • Washing/drying dishes, checking the mail, sweeping/vacuuming, taking out the trash, etc
    • Chore chart
  • Collecting pop cans
    • Ask friends and family for donations
  • Assisting others
    • Cutting grass, pulling weeds, raking leaves, shoveling snow, picking up trash, etc.

How to Access/View Student Account Balances