Terrorism is an attack on persons or property for the furtherance of political, social, or religious objectives.

  • Terrorism has many forms: domestic or international; religiously, environmentally, or politically motivated; accomplished using chemical, biological, nuclear, explosive, or cyber means, or with gunfire.
  • Cyberterrorism is expected to be a strong threat in the coming decades. Our critical infrastructure is becoming increasingly computer-based, making it more vulnerable to remote attack.
  • Politically or religiously motivated mass shootings have been the most common form of terrorism in the past five years.

Lansing's History

There have been no significant terrorist incidents in the City of Lansing. Events have occurred at Michigan State University, including two arson attacks linked to environmental terrorism. In 1927, the state’s worst act of terrorism occurred in Bath, where 45 people were killed in a school bombing intended to protest property taxes.