Sonia Diallo

“Today’s session was very helpful; Sonia took her time to explain everything to me.”

“Sonia has been very helpful; she makes me feel at ease with my current financial situation. She gives me great advice on how to build credit. I look forward to getting back on track with her help.”

"Sonia is a blessing in our lives, at this time we are so grateful for her. Her bubbly, happy, encouraging attitude lifts us up! We feel a new sense of confidence since acquiring Sonia’s help.”

"Great information, well presented, and wonderful personality."

"Sonia's professionalism was kind, correct and extremely understanding. She's fast with results. I would recommend the Financial Empowerment Center to anyone."

"Helpful information."

"I appreciate her giving me the gift of understanding over my finances. Together we created an awesome action plan that I am eager to get started on! Thank you Sonia, CACS and Financial Empowerment Center!!"

“I needed help with my credit. Sonia walked me through everything involving my credit, to help me understand it.” “I am informed, that is very empowering. My student loan debt is an important financial goal of mine. Thanks to Sonia I can be proactive, rather than reactive!” “Sonia was helpful to me with by helping me financially plan.”

"Sonia goes above and beyond what she is required to do. God bless her, the world needs more people like her."

"Learning (about) my debt and what I contribute toward savings and where I'm learning what I do and do not need. Ways of cutting back on my expenses."

"She was very nice and helpful. I believe I got some good information for future use."

"I'm on the right road after 'helping' out the wrong people financially. Positive things are happening."

"I know I am in a financial bind. I need help to get out from under and she seems to know what to do to help me."

"It's very up front and more personal. I think it's a help."

"Ms. Sonia has definitely encouraged me and just off of one visit! I am confident that with her help I can turn my finances around. I appreciate her kindness as well. I didn't feel looked down upon one bit. Thank You!!"

"Thank you for helping me with my bill. I will give you a ten for that."

"I believe that this financial empowerment class with Sonia will be very helpful. All needs feel like they will be met and my goal to have a perfect financial background will be accomplished. I am looking forward to coming back for a second session with her."

"Sonia and I were pretty much on the same page except she's challenged me to use my savings. So now I have a goal for the month as far as using my savings account."

"She has given me valuable information that will help me for my future."

“I am focused on repairing and decreasing my debt. Sonia was extremely helpful in evaluating my credit report and looking for ways to reduce my debt.“

“I am very happy with the services provided. I am looking forward with hope and Enthusiasm.”

"Financial planning to live on a budget, reduce debt and start saving."

"It was wonderful. The session gave me an understanding of the steps I should take to start my budgeting."

"Sonia is very helpful because she relates the advice she gives to real life. She keeps me accountable and I appreciate that. She also makes her sessions fun as well.

"It was a great and empowering experience. I see my future with a better vision. Thank you."

"She gives me a lot of tough love."

"It is going to help me a lot. Sonia gave me a challenge to save."

"I feel Sonia is as determined as I am to make sure I am debt free. I'm very excited about progressing in this counseling."

"Sonia was great and I really think she can help me out a lot with my budgeting."

"She gives me some things to help me, and good goals."

"She is very experienced and very, very helpful with a wonderful outcome. You have a great individual working for your company. Great asset."

"She explains and guides me through the financial situations. Thank you."

"I was able to speak with her and let her know my downfalls, and she listened to me as well as I listened to her. I'm thankful for just that! Plus she's willing to help me with this."

"I really appreciated it and I would like everyone to be in touch with Sonia. In fact I'm really thankful for what she has done for me. Thanks for your job."