Know, plan, act. That’s the path the city is taking toward reducing damage from future disasters.


"Know" is our hazard vulnerability analysis. This document was created with the help of subject matter experts and Lansing residents. It describes the things that might cause disasters here (tornado, wind, ice, etc.) and how each one would impact the people who live and work here. It also looks at past disasters.


"Plan" is the Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan describes what is important to us when it comes to protecting from hazards (protecting natural resources, improving neighborhoods, etc.) and what hazard reduction projects we might be interested in seeing in the future.


"Act" is what we do based on what we know about hazards and the projects identified in the plan. Some of the mitigation projects we’ve already acted on include buying and removing houses in high risk parts of the floodplain, adding a “high ground” emergency entrance at Potter Park Zoo so that animals can be evacuated safely in a flood, and adding warming centers to our “It’s a Cool Thing To Do,” program, which activates warming or cooling centers when people can’t stay safe at home because of extreme temperatures.