I Received a Letter...

A letter from the Code Enforcement Section indicates violations of City ordinances have been observed on property you own or is under your control. While many citizens properly maintain their property, sometimes a letter from Code Enforcement is needed as a reminder of their responsibilities.

Points to Consider If You Receive a Letter

Be sure you understand what the violations are and what must be done to correct them. Consider a quick phone call to the inspector to review the letter if further explanations are needed. Be sure you know the compliance date, which is the date you must have the violations corrected by. Contact the inspector to see if you are eligible for an extension if additional time is required. If you received a letter for property you no longer own, contact us. In some cases, there may be a gap in time from when a property is sold to when the City records are updated to reflect the transfer of ownership.

In all cases, correct the violations as soon as practical. Do not wait until the last day to begin repairs. Failure to correct the violations could cause the City to send a contractor out to abate the violation.

In the case of nuisance violations, the City could abate the nuisance and send you a bill with added administrative fees.