File a Nuisance Complaint

If you would like to register a complaint about a property in your neighborhood, you may be asked to furnish some basic information that will help us to respond to your inspection request. You can submit a complaint two ways:
  • Call our office at 517-483-4361.
  • Contact the district's inspection.
When you call, you may be asked the following questions.

What Is the Property Address?

The location of the address will help identify the property in question. The inspectors will not be able to respond to general addresses such as “the one hundred block of North Walnut.”

Can the Problem Be Seen From a Public-Right-of-Way?

The inspectors do not walk onto occupied private property to view violations. If the violation can be seen from the public right-of-way (sidewalk, alley, and street), the inspector can issue the appropriate notices.

Does the Inspector Have Permission to Access Your Property to View a Problem?

If the inspector cannot see a problem from a public right-of-way, please let them know if they can enter onto your property to see a particular problem.

Do I Have to Give You May Name When I Register a Complaint?

No. If you are registering a complaint, you do not have to leave your name. When you register a complaint, your identity remains anonymous.

If I Do Leave My Name, Will You Tell the Other Property Owner My Name?

No. Your name will not be given to anyone. When a property maintenance inspector observes a violation, the issue is not who registered the complaint, but if there is a violation.

How Long Will it Take?

An inspector will respond to your complaint within 3 business days. If you don’t see immediate results, it may be because we are required to provide notice to the property owner and allow them time to comply before the City can take abatement action or process the case through the legal system.