About Ambulance & EMS

The Fire Suppression Division and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) operate hand in hand. Lansing Fire was one of the early providers of Paramedic care in the State of Michigan.

Lansing Fire operates four Paramedic (advance life support) ambulances, six Engine companies, and a Squad that are licensed and outfitted with medical first response equipment.

A long list of alarm types will automatically have an engine dispatched with the ambulance. Those can vary from allergic reactions to auto accidents, cardiac patients, and child birth.

All ambulance personnel are firefighters; they rotate so that one day they are working fire rigs and the next they are on the ambulance. When an Engine crew arrives first, they are not just extra hands; they are trained, current Emergency Medical providers. They can start time critical patient care and continue the patient care with the ambulance crew on scene and in route to an area hospital.

The ambulances may seem big to some citizens. We feel they are necessary to carry the vast amount of equipment needed. Lansing is a mix of single family homes, high rise buildings, and a variety of commercial and industrial occupants. Each can present a different challenge to move a patient from their location to the hospital. Each crew member also carries protective clothing and breathing equipment that would safely allow them to work in various fire, rescue and specialty scene environments.

Lansing Fire Department continually works towards offering the best in medical care. Several of our dedicated providers are instructors in emergency medicine as well. Some teach in house, while others teach at local colleges and around the state.