You've protected and served our great nation, and, for that, we are grateful. We know that your service has made you a leader and a disciplined, strategic thinker with an unmatched level of loyalty. Support for the military is a part of the City of Lansing’s culture.

We find that the military offers a great talent pool of individuals that possess skill sets that are aligned with our hiring needs.

We provide support in several ways:
  • We offer Military Reserve Leave of Absence.
  • We provide a Veterans Preference in Hiring.
  • We host military recruiting events where veterans are invited to apply and interview for open positions.

When Applying With the City of Lansing

Whether you want to apply your skills in an office setting, public safety, or public service you can find jobs with the City of Lansing that align with your knowledge. Don’t forget to mention your veterans status on your application.