CART Trash Collection

Trash Bag Discontinuation
Residents who choose to use a city issued trash cart can sign up for CART service by clicking this link or by calling 517-483-4400. This is a prepaid service. Carts will be delivered as soon as possible after quarterly payment is received.

Weekly trash collection services provide convenient, heavy duty roll out trash carts for household refuse collection. Carts are available in the following sizes:
  • 32 gallon = $48/3 months (holds 2 - 3 kitchen-sized bags)
  • 65 gallon = $52/3 months (holds 4 - 5 kitchen-sized bags)
  • 95 gallon = $56/3 months (holds 6 - 8 kitchen-sized bags, plus an extra 3, 30 gallon bags accepted on side of cart)
A bi-weekly trash collection services will be available for the 32-gallon cart only for $24/3 months. 

Please keep in mind the following:
  • Place trash carts at the curbside no later than 7 AM on collection day.
  • Please promptly remove carts from the curbside after collection day. By City Ordinance, trash/recycling bins (CART, Granger, etc.) must be moved out of the right of way 24 hours after bin collection.
    • Fines:
      • 1st offense = $25
      • 2nd offense = $50
      • 3rd offense = $250
  • All trash must be bagged.
  • No yard waste or recyclables please.
  • No dirt, stones, rocks or dead animals. Please double bag all human waste (diapers) and animal waste.
  • No hazardous waste, gasoline or other explosive materials, wet paint, herbicides, pesticides, hot ashes, or coals.