Bulk Items

A large orange truck with a scoop picking up a couch.
Please Note: Bulk collection has been temporarily suspended until further notice due to the current COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more about precautionary changes to CART services.

A bulk item is defined as a large item that is over 30 pounds and longer than four feet in length. Some examples of bulk items include: Appliances and furniture.

Bulk Item Collection Cost

Collection of bulk items is $33.00 for the first item. If there is more than one item being picked up during the same stop, it is an additional $16.50 per item. For example, if there is a couch on the curbside plus a wooden vanity, the total cost for both is $49.50. 

To pay with any major credit card, call the CART office. To pay with cash, visit the Treasurer's Office located in City Hall (124 W. Michigan Ave. - First Floor).

Arranging Pickup

If you have a bulk item(s) that needs to be picked up, call the CART office to make an arrangement.

Important Information

  • Each individual piece counts as one bulk item. Like mentioned in the example above, the couch and the wooden vanity are considered two separate items; therefore, they have a different cost. The initial item would cost $33.00 and the second item along with any additional items would be an extra $16.50 each.
  • Doors of refrigerators and freezers must be removed in order to be picked up.
  • There are not any refunds for collected bulk items.
*Households that meet income qualifications can receive one free bulk sticker per year. Please call the Treasurer's Office at 517-483-4121 for additional information.