Traffic Unit / Special Events

The Motorcycle Unit is responsible for promoting traffic safety and coordinating special events such as parades, runs, marches, and protests occurring in the City of Lansing. 

The unit promotes Lansing as a safe and desirable location to hold local, state, national, and international events.  The unit consists of a sergeant and four officers, all of which are assigned Harley Davidson motorcycles.  The unit can be contacted at 517-483-4667.


The Traffic Follow-Up Officer is responsible for a variety of duties which include:

  • Quality control on crash reports for accuracy
  • Completing follow-up investigations on incomplete/or hit and run crashes
  • Managing the police departments towed vehicle system
  • Organizing the City’s abandoned vehicle auctions
  • Maintaining proper records
  • Ensuring correct LEIN entries are made. 

The Traffic Follow-Up Officer is Dylan Zehr and he can be reach at (517) 483-4668 or Officer Dylan Zehr.  Sergeant Don Porter oversees Traffic Follow-Up.

 Subpoena Officer

The Subpoena Officer is responsible for all duties related to the intake and delivery of 54-A District Court and 30th Circuit Court notices from the Ingham County Prosecutors office and the Lansing City Attorney’s office.  Officer Michelle Hood is the LPD Subpoena Officer.  Officer Hood can be reached at (517) 483-6868 ext. 2606 or by email at Officer Michelle Hood.