Uniform Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest division of the Department with members. The Division consists of 130 officers from Uniform Patrol, Canine Unit, Community Policing, Neighborhood Watch, Special Units, and Traffic Unit.

As an organization, we have pledged to uphold the trust and confidence of our citizens by partnering with them to solve community problems. These partnerships and positive working relationships are the cornerstone of keeping the City of Lansing a safe place to live, work and visit.

Patrol Sectors

The city is divided into four patrol sectors based upon calls for service, response time, and crime reports. Each sector has been assigned a Lieutenant, several Sergeants and a number of Officers from each of the three 10-hour platoons (shifts) to be responsible for the crime fighting in that area of the city.


The Patrol Division is built on the foundation of SMART/ Intelligence based policing, better known as "Hot Spot" policing. SMART policing is based upon the fundamentals of using crime mapping, crime data and up to date community intelligence in fighting crime. SMART policing also encourages a focus on outcomes, including achieving less crime and safer communities in more effective ways.

The Patrol Division continues to build on our core crime fighting strategies. An aggressive and dedicated approach in identifying our most violent offenders and crime venues has been expanded. This targeted approach involves the patrol officers working closely with our Special Operations Section, Investigation Division and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) and State of Michigan Parole Officers, to be sure the violent offenders from our community are dealt with accordingly.

Community Partnerships

In order to maintain the desired quality of life in our neighborhoods and community, it is paramount to each citizen gets involved and works closely with the community in gathering and sharing helpful information with the Police Department. The strong partnerships we have built with the community are not taken for granted. Neighborhood Watches and Business Watches are foundational pillars for the continued success in keeping Lansing a safe community.

The Officers of the Lansing Police Department Patrol Division are proud and honored to be serving the community of Lansing and we thank you for your continued support.