Lansing River Trail

The Lansing River Trail is just one of the many trails in the Lansing Area! The trail now stretches all the way from Waverly Road to Old Town and runs through Potter Park, eventually into Michigan State University. Collectively, it's over 20 miles of paved trail that passes through and near a number of notable places in Lansing. 

Before exploring The Lansing River Trail, print or download a map of the vicinity and check out their social media for updates!

Interested in adopting a part of the River Trail?

If you or a group is interested in adopting a section of the River Trail, please contact either Friends of the Lansing Regional Trails or the Parks and Recreation Department at 517-483-4277.
A wide paved trail featuring a drinking fountain and bike rack.

Tips to Note When Visiting the Trail:

  • Parking: Parking can be one of the most stressful parts about going to a new place. Before visiting the trail, locate all of the designated parking areas.
  • Flooding: Sometimes, there can be high water levels in places like The Lansing River Trail. Prior to going to the trail, check the flooding status of the area.
  • Navigating: There's a lot to see and do within a 20 mile radius, which is why having an additional map of the trail might be useful. Access an interactive area map of the trail.