Claims Review Process

The Claims Review Committee was formed to provide a way for citizens to settle disputes over special assessments and other fees charged by the City without filing a lawsuit. The Committee is made up of 3 members: 1 member from the OCA, another from the Mayor's Office and the third from City Council.

Documents Request

Once we receive your claim, the Committee requests documentation regarding the incident from the department that originated the fee. Please note that this documentation will not be sent to you; it is kept by the Committee for their records. You may request documentation regarding the incident by filing a Freedom of Information Act request.


After the documentation has been received, your claim will be scheduled for a Claims Review Committee hearing. You will be notified by letter of the hearing date and given the opportunity to attend this meeting. You are not required to attend; the Committee will be happy to consider your claim even if you are not able to make it. If you wish to attend but cannot make the hearing date, you may either send someone as your representative or call our office and ask to have your hearing postponed.

At the hearing, the Claims Review Committee will review the documentation sent by the department, any documentation you included with your claim, and give you an opportunity to speak to the Committee members if you wish to do so. The Committee will make a decision regarding your claim at the meeting. You will be notified of the Committee's decision by letter within two weeks of the hearing date.


Should you be unsatisfied with the decision of the Claims Review Committee, this letter will outline how to appeal to the City Council's General Services Committee. Please note that any claims over $2,500 are sent directly to the General Services Committee and do not go through the Claims Review Committee process.