Ottawa Street Station, 217 East Ottawa Street

Now known as the Accident Fund Building, the Ottawa Street Station is one of the best examples of a monumental Art Deco styled building. It is displayed prominently in the downtown skyline of Lansing.

Built in 1937 and designed by the Bowd-Munson Company, this tiered; Art Deco Building has progressive colors in the brick which are said to symbolize the clean combustion of coal. Providing electricity for the explosive growth of Lansing after World War I, The power plant used a combination and arrangement of steam and electric generating equipment that had not been used before. Ottawa was designed to couple high efficiency and maximum reliability with reasonable costs to construct and operate. The plant cost $4 million to construct which was paid for by electric sales alone. Even though Lansing had some of the lowest electric rates in Michigan no bonds or other government dollars were used to construct the plant.

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