Hardest Hit Blight Elimination Program

The City of Lansing, in partnership with the Ingham County Land Bank, received 6 million dollars in funding through MSHDA and the U.S. Treasury Department to demolish approximately 240 blighted residential properties within five local project areas in the City of Lansing. The funds can only be used for demolition. The five local project areas were chosen because of high rates of both tax and bank foreclosures, as well as a large concentration of red-tagged properties.

Planned demolitions are to be carried out in groups of 25-30 homes. There will be eight to ten groups of demolitions. Demolitions will begin in June 2015 and must be completed by August 2016. The Ingham County Land Bank is carrying out the demolitions in conjunction with trained and certified contractors.

Neighbors immediately surrounding the properties slated for demolition will receive written notice by mail 4 - 6 weeks prior to the beginning of work, and will also be notified by door hangar notice 2 - 3 days prior to the start of demolition.

Contractors interested in bidding on demolition work can download the Contractor Application at the Ingham County Land Bank Website, or contact the Land Bank office at 517-267-5221.

Demolition will include removal of the driveway and apron, and curb/gutter restoration. After demolition, the excavations will be filled with Class II fill, and lots will be graded and seeded. Lots may be banked for future development, especially along corridors and in other strategic areas, enrolled in the Love your Block Program or the Garden Program, or may be sold to adjoining property owners.