Bike Maps

The City of Lansing has created several different non-motorized maps to help residents and visitors easily locate bike facilities (lanes, paths, etc.), local bike shops, bike lockers and racks.

Interactive Bike Locker/Bike Rack Locator Map

Use this map to locate bike lockers and racks in the area. Remember, if the locker you are looking for is city-owned, use the Movatic app to reserve your unit.

View the Bike Locker/Bike Rack Locator map.

Interactive Bike Facilities Map

  • Use this map to locate the following:
  • Bike lanes
  • Bike paths
  • Bike locker locations
  • Local bike shops

Non-Motorized Transportation Network Map

Use this map to view a static overview of the Non-Motorized Transportation Network (biking and walking routes) in the City of Lansing.

View the Non-Motorized Transportation Network map.