River Trail Restoration Projects

Bridge The Lansing River Trail has been undergoing renovations and repairs for a few years now.

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During the summer and fall months of 2020, the City closed sections of the trail for repair, which included the following projects:

Washington Avenue Soil Stabilization
To resolve the riverbank erosion and problems that were resulting, rip rap (natural stone) was placed along the riverbank to prevent scour caused by the river's currents. Additionally, gabion baskets (wire mesh boxes filled with natural stone) were placed in areas where the riverbank was more prone to the river's currents to provide additional structural stability. Live stakes (plant cuttings) of native species were then planted along the riverbank. The plants will take root in the riverbank and help keep soil in place to provide a buffer from water run-off and the river currents. Aside from the work done to the riverbank, the River Trail was repaved, and the timber rail fence was replaced.

Lansing Board of Water & Light (BWL) Yard (west of Potter Park Zoo)

The riverbank that runs along the BWL Yard was stabilized in the same way as the Washington Avenue project. Additionally, any failing pavement along the trail was replaced.

Moores River Drive (west of Westgate)

The riverbank at Moores River Drive was also repaired by sheet piling. Sheet piling is when steel sheets are driven into the soil to prevent embankment from further falling. In addition to the sheet piling, the fence and any failing pathway was removed and replaced.

On-Going Projects

  • Moores Park Bridge and the 3 bridges west of Potter Park: These projects are currently in the process of rehabilitation and will start up again in Spring 2021.
  • Bridge 18 (east of Kruger's Lansing) and 31 (located under Cesar Chavez Bridge in Old Town): Full and partial replacements as needed.

Projects Ready for Construction

  • Bear Lake Pathway (from Cavanaugh Road to Forest Road): Construction will begin this winter with stump removal and will be completed in 2021.
  • Forest Road Pathway: Construction will begin in 2021 along with non-motorized facilities on Collins Road.
River Trail renovations are continuing in 2021. The status of them currently is as follows:

Road Projects Impacting the River Trail

  • North Grand River Bridge (north of Willow): This project is currently underway and in cooperation with MDOT. The bridge will be rehabilitated, including upgrades to improve the street level crossing. The trail and Dietrich Park are currently closed.
  • Aurelius Road Bridge (north of Mt. Hope): River Trail access under the bridge will be maintained throughout the project. The pathways north and south of the roadway are closed. Access to Kruger's Landing will close starting in June.

Bridge Replacement/Rehabilitation Projects

  • Bridge 14 (west of Pennsylvania Avenue and pedestrian overpass near Potter Park): This is scheduled to close April 20 and expected to reopen May 15.
  • Bridge 15 (pedestrian overpass at Potter Park and Pennsylvania Avenue): The bridge closed the week of April 12 and is expected to reopen June 4. A detour is posted.
  • Bridge 13 (west of Pennsylvania Avenue near LWBL's Yard): The work is complete, but the bridge is still closed for contractors to access Bridges 14 and 15.
  • Bridge 09 (bridge between Ekhart Power Station and Moores Park over the Grand River): The bridge is currently closed and all deck boards have been removed. The bridge is expected to reopen on July 28.
  • Bridge 31 (under Cesar Chavez Bridge in Old Town): The bridge is scheduled to close on July 29 and expected to reopen on August 23.
  • Bridge 18 (bridge east of Kruger's Landing): The bridge is scheduled to close on August 2 and expected to reopen on October 26.
  • Bridge 21 (far east bridge east of Crego Park): The schedule for this has not been approved yet, but construction will happen in late summer/early fall.
Photo of Riprap
Photo of Gabion Baskets
Photo of Soil Stabilization at Moores River Drive
Photo of Cracked Concrete Abutment