Frequently Asked Questions

How are rates for bulk collection counted?
Bulk items are charged by the piece, so items such as a mattress and box spring or a pair of sectional couches are counted by the number of physical pieces and not as a "set."

How much is bulk collection?
Rates are as follows:
  • The first item: $33.00
  • Any additional items: $16.50/each item
Example: if you have a couch and an old television that need to be picked up, the couch would cost $33.00 and the television would cost $16.50, totaling to $49.50 altogether. If you have only one item that needs to be picked up, you would pay just the $33.00.

If I qualify for low income bulk collection, how many stickers can I recieve per year?
With the appropriate documentation, you may receive one free bulk sticker per year. If you have any additional bulk items, you will have to pay the standard rates that apply.

What are bulk items?
Bulk items are objects that are too large to fit into your blue trash cart with the lid completely closed. Generally, these are items that exceed 30 pounds in weight and 4 feet in length. Some examples of bulk items include: mattresses, box springs, couches, appliances, large electronics, chairs and other large furniture items. 

If you are unsure if your item is considered bulk or not, please email the CART office at [email protected]

When is bulk collection?
Bulk items are only picked up on Thursdays during the week. If your item(s) is not placed at the curb on the Thursday your work order has been scheduled for, you may have to wait until the following Thursday to have your item removed.