Marijuana License Renewal & Transfer

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I have to wait for an open window of my license type to renew my license?
A. NO.  Renewal Applications are accepted at any time.  You do not need to wait for an open window.

Q. How far in advance of my license expiration should I apply for a renewal?
A. It is recommended your submit your renewal application 60-90 days before your license expires.

Q. The state is asking for my renewal Attestation I, how do I get that from the Clerk?
A. In order to be eligible for your Renewal Attestation I you must apply for your renewal AND be conditionally approved.  Attestation I will not be issued until you have passed all required departmental approvals and your application status is updated to conditionally approved.  

Q. How long will it take to receive conditional approval for my renewal application?
A. Generally 2-3 weeks.  However, due to the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic it may take longer, especially if an on-site Building Safety Inspection is required.  

Q. Are on-site Building Safety Inspections always required for my license renewal to be approved?
A. It depends, there are several factors which determine if a Building Safety Inspection is necessary.  They include whether or not you have pulled construction permits, and whether or not you have had an inspection for another license type at that location within the past year.  A Building Safety Inspector will reach out to you to schedule an inspection if one is required.

Q. I've found a better location for my conditionally approved marijuana operation.  Can I transfer this to a new location?
A. No, only fully licensed entities are eligible for location transfer.

Q. I would like to sell my property, which has a conditionally approved marijuana operation.  Can I transfer the conditional approval to the new owner?
A. No, only fully licensed entities are eligible for ownership transfer.

Q. I would like to add/remove stakeholders to/from my company.  Is this allowed?
A. Yes, you are allowed to add or remove stakeholders from your company.  New stakeholders will have to complete a stakeholder packet, and pass the LPD, Treasury, and City Attorney background checks. This is referred to as a Re-Organization (Re-Org).

Q. How do I apply for a Transfer or Re-Org?
A. Start by emailing the Marijuana Operations Licensing Clerk, Jennifer Smith-Zande, at with an outline of your transfer or re-org request.  

Q. Is there a fee to Transfer or Re-Org my Marijuana License?
A. At this time there is no fee to Transfer your location or Re-Org your company.  However, if you would like to completely transfer ownership (i.e. sell your business) to another company the new applicant will need to pay the $5,000 license fee.