Traffic Network Alternatives

Implementation of this project will occur via striping and signal changes and will not involve moving the curb (except for in a few specific locations). Competing roadway uses like bike facilities, center turn lanes, on-street parking and loading/unloading zones will be prioritized to different degrees on different streets based on established demand and priority networks. 

The first two maps below depict the proposed two-way traffic network and travel lane configuration, and the approximate curb-to-curb width to work within on conversion streets. The final three maps show alternative street configurations featuring different combinations of on-street parking/loading and bike facilities that may fit on the conversion streets once vehicle travel lanes are accounted for.

Please Note: If you are having difficulties viewing the call-outs or would like to download the maps, please click the first image below to view enlarged versions of all of the maps.

Traffic Network Map
Curb to Curb Width
Capitol and Grand
Pine and Walnut
Ottawa and Allegan