Bike Lockers

In an effort to encourage non-motorized transportation and bicycle safety, the Public Service Department partnered with CycleSafe, a company located in Grand Rapids, to purchase and install 24 durable, weather-resistant bike lockers throughout downtown Lansing. Of those lockers, 16 are open for the general public to use with the remainder being exclusively available to private establishments.

The lockers are powered by Bluetooth and operated by Movatic, an app for smart devices. 

The lockers are at the following locations:
Bike Locker
  • Lansing City Hall
  • Ionia Street and Washington Square
  • Davenport University (Washtenaw Street and Grand Avenue)
  • S. Capitol Parking Ramp (Kalamazoo Street and S. Capitol Avenue)
The lockers are available for use Monday through Sunday and are currently operating from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., however, this is subject to change. Currently, with the exception of the weekend days, the lockers are open for use at times when the City's maintenance staff is available to assist users.

The lockers will be free on a trial-basis. Rates, which will be available in the Movatic app, will be applied in 2021.
How the Lockers Work
Frequently Asked Questions