Trash Guidelines

It is important to follow trash guidelines because not only does it make trash collection for Capital Area Recycling and Trash (CART) more efficient, it ultimately makes trash collection easier for residents.

Here's a list of what you should NOT do when it comes to trash collection: 

  • Place trash carts at the curbside later than 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled collection day
  • Put yard waste and recyclables in your trash cart; there are separate carts for this purpose
  • Throw dirt, stones, rocks, dead animals, hazardous waste, wet paint, herbicides, pesticides, hot ashes, coal, gasoline or explosive materials of any kind in your cart; these can all pose potential safety hazards to individuals handling the carts
  • Put human waste (ex. diapers) and animal waste in your cart without double-bagging it; again, this is hazardous to individuals handling the carts
  • Leave your trash cart at the curbside more than 24 hours after trash has been collected
  • Keep the lid of the trash cart open or unsealed
  • Place trash bags on the top of your trash cart or around it unless you pay for the designated collection service that accommodates this (see picture below for reference)
Note: Trash carts that are left at the curbside beyond 24 hours after trash collection will result in a fine.  

Fines are as listed:
  • 1st Offense: $25
  • 2nd Offense: $50
  • 3rd Offense: $250