CART Calendar and Collection Day Schedule

The recycling calendar below, also found in the Greensheet of Lansing Living, shows an overview of the CART collection schedule. Please note that the red squares indicate a collection delay. 

Click here to view an enlarged and downloadable version of the most current Greensheet.

To locate what color of collection week you are in or to enlarge the recycling collection schedule below, use the interactive Recycling, Trash and Yard Waste map.


CART Collection Day Locator:

Use Recycle Coach below to find out when your trash and recycling collection days are. If you would like to download the app onto an electronic device and receive notifications and reminders, use the scroll bar under "Recycling & Trash (CART) Information."

  1. Click "View Schedule"
  2. Type your address into the search bar
  3. Remember that "blue" represents trash and "green" represents recycling