Meet the Team

Meet the Mayor's Office Team.

Natasha Atkinson
(517) 483-4587

Samantha Harkins

Deputy Mayor
(517) 483-4146

Samantha works with community and external partners on proactive and strategic projects for the city. She also serves as Executive Assistant under the city charter and is the Mayor's office liaison with City Council.

Mark Lawrence

Citizen Advocate
(517) 483-4157

Valerie Marchand

Communications Manager
(517) 483-4179

David Maxwell

Director Mayor's Office Community and Faith Based Initiatives
(517) 483-4542

Bishop David Maxwell is a Senior Staffer to the Interfaith Advisory Council and the Mayor's Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Council. He serves as a liaison for a variety of urban issues surrounding socio-economic social justice, educational and inclusionary challenges. He often represents and or accompanies the Mayor at faith, community and social empowerment forums. 

Leslie McCarrick

Office Manager
(517) 483-4145

Marilyn Plummer

Community Outreach Coordinator
(517) 483-4164

Marilyn's focus over her career has been customer service which is an integral part of serving as the Community Outreach Coordinator. Marilyn attends many of Lansing's Community events and activities on behalf of Mayor Schor. This includes representation at events that affect Lansing's citizens such as award recognitions, memorials and may of the city's initiatives and public outreach projects. Marilyn serves as the Mayor's representative on his Neighborhood Advisory Board. 

Nicholas Tate