Mayor's Arts and Culture Commission


​The Vision of the Arts Commission is that arts and cultural initiatives be further developed and advanced as a driver for positive social and economic change and economic development and in order to optimize quality of life and experiences for both residents and visitors in Lansing. 


The Mission of the Arts Commission shall be to provide expertise, resources and support to enable a realization of the Vision:

  • Developing and recommending an arts and culture plan for the Mayor;
  • Serving as a resource to the Mayor on matters related to arts and culture in Lansing to enhance the quality of life in the City;
  • Build public awareness of the value and benefits of the arts and a thriving community of artists;
  • Developing and recommending ongoing arts and culture plan performance measures and best practices; and
  • Studying and developing proposed additions, deletions, or modifications to this Charter.


Staff Contact

Mark Lawrence
Citizen Advocate

To Contact The Board



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Thursday, March 7 at Schmidt Community Center, 5825 Wise Rd.
Thursday, May 2 at Cedar Street Art Collective, 1701 S Cedar St. 
Thursday, July 11 at Grand River Room, Lansing Community College
Thursday, September 5 at REACH Studio Art Center, 1804 S Washington Ave.
Thursday, November 7 at the Lansing Public Media Center, 2500 S Washington Ave.

All meetings begin at 3:00 PM.