Extreme Makeover & Updates


North Grand Ramp

  • The Southeast stairwell is closed.
  • The Northeast stairwell is closed.
  • The roof is open, but some areas are closed off. 
  • 4th Floor Reserved Permit Holders in NGR, you temporarily MAY OR MAY NOT be able to park in your designated parking space due to construction. If your parking space is unavailable for safe parking, please park in the 2nd or 3rd floor levels. 
  • Please excuse any brief electrical outages during this time. 

Lot 17 

  • Currently closed for reconstruction and restriping. 

Lansing Center

  • New Equipment has been installed and testing is ongoing. 

Extreme Makeover

Coming Soon to Downtown Lansing:

  • Completion of North Grand Ramp Construction - Including walkability improvements, a new paint job, graphic floor designations, upgraded signage and wayfinding, security enhancements, and more! 
  • Enhanced permit cards and readers. 
  • Updated entry and exit equipment in ALL ramps. 
  • State of the art street parking pay stations. 
  • Launching of the new mobile pay by cell application!

Ramp Work Detail Schedule

  • Year 1: Priority concrete/cable repairs
  • Year 2-3: Remaining concrete repair and other maintenance repairs (drainage/electrical)
  • Year 2-5: Wayfinding painting sealcoating/traffic topping

Helpful Documents